Ninebark, Fireside



First Editions® Fireside® Ninebark
  Physocarpus opulifolius 'UMNHarpell' PPAF

  This ninebark was selected for its stunning foliage. Reddish new growth matures to deep red-purple foliage that holds its color reliably all summer whereas others take on brownish tones later in the season. Fireside® didn’t show any signs of powdery mildew in field and production trials in multiple sites 2015-2017. The leaf size is intermediate; bigger than Little Devil™ but smaller than Diabolo®. Pinkish-white flowers bloom in spring and foliage turns deep purple in fall. The plant habit is tidier than others in the species with a rounded, upright shape.

  • 5-7' H
  • 4-6' W
  • Upright, rounded habit
  • Deep purple fall foliage
  • Full Sun
  • Drought tolerant
  • Species is native to North America
  • Zone 3-7