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Many of our fruit trees are already bearing - you don't have to wait years. We do get lots of questions about pollinators. Generally bees work to transfer needed pollen from up to 2 miles away and pollination partner trees are not necessarily required on your own property. This may not apply to isolated rural areas. Weather may affect pollination success This may include cold or wet conditions during flowering and hail causing loss of buds, blooms, or set fruit.

  • All of our cherry trees are self-fruitful - a partner is not required.
  • Our apple varieties (Honeycrisp, Honeygold, and Goodland) are mid-season bloomers and if a partner is required any of the others are expected to pair well. Often times ornamental flowering crabapple trees can cross pollinate fruiting apples.
  • We've found the Alderman Plum and Summercrisp pear to usually have pollinator partner trees near enough in most parts of the Billings area.

Fruit and Ornamental Trees

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