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When are plants available for sale and when can I pick them up if I buy online? 

The nursery season depends some on our unpredictable weather.

  • Our sales season is generally end of March or early April to late November.
  • You may order any available plant anytime and we'll hold paid plants until the weather allows for planting.
  • Roses and most perennials growing in a greenhouse generally ok to plant in late April or early May, but it may depend on the exact plant and the overnight low temps.
  • Trees, shrubs and evergreens can generally be planted anytime the ground is not frozen.

Unpaid orders are held for 2 business days. Please call us to make payment arrangements or stop by.

When your paid order is made, we will pick your plants as soon as possible. We'll send you an email when your order is ready, or you can call us to check on the status, or simply show up during business hours. You may refuse to accept part or all of your order for a partial or full refund prior to product leaving the nursery.

If delivery and/or installation is selected we will try to coordinate our crew schedule/route to keep your cost down. If you require a specific time/date this may increase your cost.

  • Delivery cost is not refundable if plants are refused upon receipt onsite. We encourage your to see your purchased plants at the nursery before we send them out and change or cancel your order at that time.
Will you help load my plants and will they travel ok across town or out of town? 

Yes. We have sent clients with and delivered trees and plants across much of the state and neighboring states throughout the growing season.  We wrap trees for 10% of the tree price up to $25 ea during most of the season to ensure they are protected from drying travel winds and/or loss of leaves. If you purchase online simply add Tree Wrapping in the Other Material category, or Edit your cart to select wrapping for qualifying trees.

If we recommend wrapping and you turn it down, you agree to take them as-is with no warranty.

Due to size, shape or for other reasons certain trees cannot be wrapped and we recommend our delivery services.

I'm looking for a plant that is out of stock or isn't on the site catalog. Is this it? 

If a product shows up as 'out of stock' we may post an anticipated availability date. Often times our production cycle runs through the season so plants are regularly made available for sale between April and October. We do not allow for back orders at this time but talk to us about placing a deposit to hold something we have but isn't yet ready or available. We strive to ensure our plants are established before they leave the nursery to lower the risk of transplant shock all season long.

There are a few plants we may just have a small quantity of that didn't make it into this site. Contact us if you're looking for something specific and we may have it, be able to get it, or point you elsewhere.

I'm a landscape contractor or plant nursery. Do you sell wholesale with discounted pricing? 

 Please contact us for details. Minimum order may be required; discount percentage may vary based on plant material. Some plant material and other material may be excluded from discount.

What about bulk pricing for a homeowner/ retail client? >

Talk to us about your needs. We have set our prices to be reasonable but a large quantity may qualify for a discount and through the season we have promotional discounts available.


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