Plant now for a head start

Posted by The Nursery on Apr 26th 2018

Arbor Day is Friday. Trees enhance your home and landscape and offer a range of benefits for you, your family, your neighbors, and future generations. They offer cooling and shade for your yard or home, aesthetic value, wildlife habitat and countless other benefits. 

Now is a great time to plant - take and plant yourself or we can deliver and also install. It gives them a full growing season in the ground and transporting them until early May is easy - No wrapping required. Visit us or call if you need a shade or ornamental tree, a hedge or shelter belt, or simply a shrub or two or a few perennials around your yard to add some color.

Our production cycle runs through the entire season so we add to our available stock almost every week now through early November. Availability is limited on some plants. Shop or just browse our online catalog to see what is available. 

Happy Planting!