It's time to think about pest control

Posted by Jerry on Mar 11th 2018

As a horticultural resource specialist in Billings, I want to give you timely information to help keep your trees thriving and your property at its maximum value. If our roles were reversed, I hope you would offer this information to me. Many diseases and insects such as aphids, scale, pine bark beetle, and mites currently infest our urban forest and the threat of new pests such as the emerald ash borer, EAB, and others, grow each day. We take new threats such as the EAB very seriously and are operating a preventative program to protect our trees and we encourage you to do so also. Many pests have no natural predators and to save threatened trees, man will have to intervene. We recommend that all ash trees be treated to prevent EAB infestation and in doing so you will also remove the threat of other pests, common to ash trees, that are already in Billings. We have become a mobile generation and it is the same for pests as they move from one neighborhood tree to another. Please review your yard and consider treating all high value trees to prevent destructive pests. In this process you will also avoid many other serious diseases and pests that can cause lack of vigor and outright death to your trees and then move on to your neighbors. We offer several safe and effective ways of controlling these insects and diseases. 

We want to partner with you to prevent the loss of your trees. If you want to discuss preventative solutions or notice any ailments or pests on your trees, shrubs, or turf, visit our Pest Control page, submit a message to us here, or call us at 406-656-4288

Happy Spring,

Jerry Anderberg