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Juniper, Native Pyramidal

  • Image Jerry Anderberg & Associates. All rights reserved.
  • Image Jerry Anderberg & Associates. All rights reserved.
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Large Caliper also available. Contact us for details/pricing.


Pyramidal Native Juniper - Also Rocky Mountain Juniper
Juniperus scopulorum various selections

Jerry has spent years selecting these hardy and unique evergreens. They grow and keep their shape with little pruning and hold up to winds and heavy snows. 

Variety 'Dietrich's Hill' (pictured) available in limited quantity. Pricing: 4ft $40/ft, 5 ft  $50/ft  6' ft and up -$60/ft  

  • 10-28' H depending on selection
  • 5-10' W depending on selection
  • Great for a hedge or windbreak
  • Colors - blue, blue-green, green
  • Male and Female selections (Female yield juniper berries)
  • Full sun preferred; can tolerate some shade
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Deer resistant (essentially deer proof from our experience)
  • Zone 3-7